Area and Oriental Rug cleaning services
Toronto, Woodbridge, Markham and Thornhill

Whether you have a Pakistan-Keshan in your living room or a Romanian-Tabriz, area and oriental rugs can truly add splendor to the feel of any room. But no matter how expensive or glorious, a rug is bound to receive traffic. To keep your rugs clean and healthy while maintaining their original magnificence, you have to regularly inject a new lease of life into the fibers. The way to do this is hiring an expert who understands the subtle nuances involved in cleaning different types of rugs from Persian rugs to modern ones. After all, rugs are prized possessions (and in some cases, heirlooms passed down within families).

All Star Chem-Dry professional rug cleaners are trained to clean virtually all types of rug. We boast an extensive range of eco-friendly and green certified cleaning products (safe for kids and pets) as well as specialized equipment to truly restore your rugs to their former glory.

Toronto, Woodbridge, Markham and Thornhill Area and Oriental Rugs Cleaning Services

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All Star Chem-Dry Multi Cleaning Process


Where rugs are concerned, quality can vary extensively depending on the manufacturing process and the materials involved. From nylon and rayon to silk and cotton, rugs are made from a large variety of materials. Then there are hand loomed rugs, embroidered rugs, needle felted rugs and so on. To make sure we use the safest and most effective approach to cleaning your rug, we will do an evaluation beforehand.

Dusting and vacuuming

Then comes the dusting and vacuuming to remove embedded coarse grit.


Some rugs may require treatment prior to cleaning. This is particularly true in the case of oriental rugs.

Cleaning and dirt extraction

All Star Chem-Dry has a unique approach to area rug cleaning using a hot carbonating extraction system and the patented cleaning solution “The Natural”. “The Natural” is used in conjunction with Chem-Dry’s Power Guard Protectant to leave your rugs feeling Drier, Cleaner, Healthier®. Carbonation uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning and no harsh chemicals. Rather, the power of CO2 bubbles is leveraged to explode dust from rugs and clean even the toughest stains and spots.


Next up, grooming! We’ll leave your rugs not only looking clean but feeling revitalized as well.

Post-cleaning inspection

And finally, to guarantee the highest standards of customer service, we complete the cleaning job with a thorough post-cleaning inspection.

Rug Cleaning Services for Woodbridge, Markham and Thornhill

All Star Chem-Dry Multi Step Cleaning Process. Servicing Woodbridge, Markham and Thornhill .