What our customers are saying about us

I’m always very happy with how my carpets look and feel after they have been cleaned by Chem-Dry. This time I decided to leave a review because I especially appreciated how Mark used pieces of plastic under my wooden furniture legs to prevent staining from the wood.
– Janice Bentley

Amazing job by Mark on our carpet with pet stains. Our pathetic carpet now looks incredible and more importantly, no odors whatsoever. Very pleased with the service!

– Kathie B.

I just have to say that the carpet cleaning service by Chem-Dry is the best! Been using them for a couple of years now and you can’t beat the customer service and good pricing. I recommend Chem-Dry to people all the time. Even the service personnel when you call Chem-Dry are extremely friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.

– J. Larkin

Our carpet and living room sofas look and smell so AMAZING!!!!! You have to understand, we are 7 people living in one house. We are an extended family like that. Our living room lately looked so awful. Stains everywhere from food spills, other spills, footprints (somehow) and God knows what else. We were starting to forget what the original color of our sofas was. Now we know. Taupe! Chem-Dry is an amazing and very professional carpet cleaning service. Our place was dry in 1 to 2 hours. We will definitely be using Chem-Dry again!

– The Flatleys

Very happy with your carpet cleaning service! It was my first time using hot carbonating extraction on my carpet. Usually I call in a steam cleaner. Never again! This system is so much more efficient and dry and practical. I will definitely recommend Chem-Dry to my friends and neighbors. Good job!

– Mike D.

All Star Chem-Dry is a reliable, prompt carpet cleaning service that promises and delivers excellent results. Service tech did a great job in a short amount of time. Very impressive!

– Eddy Lee

The cleaning of my pet stained carpet was amazing and very professional. You will be hearing from me again soon. I think my bedroom carpeting could use some cleaning. Thanks again Mark for the great job!

– Jessica A.

Our technician was so helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. He did a great job and was incredibly thorough. Our living room truly feels refreshed. We highly recommend All Star Chem-Dry. These guys are amazing!!!!

– Tim & Diana