How to Tackle the  Winter Carpet Blues
How to Tackle the Winter Carpet Blues

How-to-Tackle-the-Winter-Carpet-BluesIt’s wintertime, and that means your family is spending more time indoors and consequently, wear and tear to your carpet increases. Steady foot traffic can have a pretty serious impact on your carpet – but you also have to factor in pet hair and dander, on top of the regular accumulation of stains, dirt, and debris. Combat your winter carpet blues with three simple suggestions from your All Star Chem-dry Carpet Cleaning Specialists.

1. Vacuum
This step is simple- removing the daily buildup of dirt and dust by routinely vacuuming will significantly extend the life of your carpet. Create a vacuum schedule and stick to it, and even if the carpet appears to be clean, you never know what lies beneath! By removing the top layer of dirt more frequently, you will reduce the amount of dirt that gets pushed deeper into your carpet’s fibres.

2. Spot treat
Depending on the spot or stain, there are particular processes and solutions used for spot treatment. In the wintertime, it’s common for some dogs to become picky about their bathroom routines and urinate inside, instead of bearing the cold outdoors. Our patented cleaning product P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) is a revolutionary pet urine removal product; the chemical reaction sifts urine crystals and liquids from the source, to completely remove the odour. Or, if have an oriental rug you should only trust your precious family heirloom to professional rug cleaners. Without the right solution and methods, your rugs can discolour, fade, and slowly deteriorate. Luckily, our experts are fully trained on treating specialty rugs, using delicate procedures to ensure your rug will remain in top condition.

3. Give us a call
Spilled liquids, like coffee and wine, can stain and seep into the carpet pad, harbouring pungent odours. Our team of expert carpet cleaning specialists are fully trained to remove bacteria, pervasive odours, and visible stains efficiently and sustainably. So if your pets have had many indoor accidents, and if your carpets have endured a lot of wear and tear, consult Chem-Dry’s professional cleaners today and get your carpets looking and smelling like new.