Stops Stains Now
Stops Stains Now

professional carpet cleaner, All Star Chem-Dry carpet cleaning professionalsA home is a place where you can sit back and relax, where you can enjoy your evening inside. Since our homes mean so much to us, keeping them in pristine shape is a must. This means every door, floor, couch, and carpet. Yeah, everyone does the weekly clean but what about the maintenance? How much time do you spend maintaining your oasis?

Often families will wait after a glass of red wine has spilled on their carpet and clean it up with some oxy or detergent. Sometimes it isn’t the cabernet though, it’s a meatball dipped in Grandma’s special spaghetti sauce, or a young child’s cleat’s from soccer practice filled with dirt. Be proactive, prevent stains before they happen. Keep reading to stop stains right in their tracks!

Be a Canadian, Leave Your Shoes Right at the Door!

Whether you were out on the deck, hanging out in the garage, sitting on the balcony, or just bought a brand new pair of shoes from Payless – enforce a no shoes policy in your home. Mud, dirt and grime will snuggle their way into your carpets if you don’t take precaution and they’ll bring bacteria too!

When you keep your shoes at the gate, you guard your home from unwanted allergens and bacteria. This helps your home remain clean and improves your family’s well-being.

Vacuum More for a Dirt Free Home

Sometimes between professional cleanings, dirt can get stuck in your fabrics. Just a little bit of time can turn this dirt into a stain and becomes expensive to remove. Vacuuming often can help get rid of these stubborn marks.

A vacuum a day, helps keep the bugs away! Rid your home of hair, dirt and allergens that can affect your family’s health! You’ll save big bucks in the long run by getting less professional cleanings.

Be Proactive!

Now that you know how stains sneak their way into your carpets and upholstery, defend your home before they happen. Maybe you want to keep your great aunt’s persian rug or your grandmother’s couch without the plastic couch cover in pristine condition? Preserve your family heirlooms by applying a high quality protectant!

Lots of carpets are sprayed with a mild carpet protectant on them and sold to homeowners. The spray doesn’t last that long, so upkeep is needed. Reduce permanent stains and increase the lifetime of your carpet by getting protecting re-applied every 6 months. Contact All Star Chem Dry carpet cleaning professionals to learn more about their line of carpet and upholstery protectant products. Remember to stop stains in their tracks, leave shoes at the door, vacuum often and apply a protectant every 6 months. This way you can beat stains to the punch!