Cleaning Tips For A Healthier Home In Spring(Spring Cleaning Hotspots To Ensure a Healthier Home)
Cleaning Tips For A Healthier Home In Spring (Spring Cleaning Hotspots To Ensure a Healthier Home)

Cleaning-tipsWhen we think about spring time, we think of budding flowers, tree blossoms, a bright sun and soothing fragrances. What should come to mind, however, is that dust and other types of allergy-inducing agents, such as mites, have accumulated over the winter months. As a result, cleaning your home in the spring is quite essential in order to not only improve your family’s well-being, but to also ensure everyone’s health.

The #1 allergen suspect is not pollen, it is mites. They can be responsible for inducing asthma, a very serious condition, especially for young children. They tend to concentrate in medium-temperature, dark areas, like curtains, carpets, bed mattresses and upholstered furniture. In order to deal with mites, a meticulous cleaning of the aforementioned areas is required. So, what exactly do you have to do? Well, Chem-Dry, the world’s leading carpet and upholstery cleaning service, has set out to educate families on the most effective cleaning methods because, if it is a matter of health, it is a serious matter. Chem-Dry cleaning professionals have compiled a complete list of techniques to eradicate germs and other allergens in places that the average homeowner tends to overlook:

Door mats or carpets are inhabited by a soaring high number of dust mites which feed on the dust particles and other organic residue shut in between the fibers. The key here is to not only deep clean the upper surfaces of the carpet, but also the area underneath.

Curtains and blinds are the wall equivalent of carpets, and must be cleaned accordingly. When it comes to blinds, pay attention as you have to shut them in both directions to thoroughly clean them. Use a common non-toxic window cleaner.

Another feeding ground for mites is the mattress. These mites are the ones responsible for kids’ asthma and other breathing-related allergies. All you have to do is thoroughly vacuum the mattress on both sides, at least once a month.

Sofas, armchairs and other upholstered furniture also host large numbers of dust mites. Reduce the germ population by vacuuming and washing the upholstery covers in hot water, and thoroughly drying. Do not forget to also clean the top of furniture pieces, another mite hotspot, using a dryer sheet. It will eliminate the static that makes it easy for dust particles to settle on surfaces.

The wall behind refrigerators and stoves
Dust, grease and food residue often pile-up over time on the wall and the appliances’ back, followed by pests and other insects. Simply move the appliance out of the way, carefully clean the wall and also the surface that faces the wall with hot, soapy water.

By following Chem-Dry experts’ instructions you can rest assured your home will be as clean as ever. However, if you want to eradicate mites and bacteria to secure the health of the whole family, it is highly recommended you get all carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned at least two times per year, and the rest of the house at least once a year.

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