Top Cleaning Applications of Vinegar
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Vinegar has long been praised for its stain removal properties. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces and items and the results can be extraordinary. Here is a list of the common alternative uses of household vinegar:


Adhesive residue removal:
After you have removed the price label or any other kind of sticker from a newly purchased item, you are nearly always left with adhesive residue that can be quite difficult to get rid of. Instead of spending money on potentially toxic products, all you have to do is use vinegar. Just apply it on the surface and wipe with a cloth after 15 minutes, and the residue will easily wipe away.


Naturally refreshing fabrics
Vinegar shares the same odor-removing chemical qualities with typical fabric refreshers, so no need to buy products that may trigger or other kinds of undesirable symptoms. Just add one part vinegar to three parts of water, mix well, and then spray. You may also add lemon or other juice to improve the odor.


Lint eradication
Vinegar is also ideal for removing lint from clothes. On top of that, most pieces of cloth become softer and static is also considerably reduced by use of vinegar on a regular basis.


Microwave cleaning
Cleaning your microwave is made a lot easier by means of a glass of vinegar. Just place the glass in the microwave and set it at full power for up to six minutes. During this time the steam produced from the vinegar will liquidate any solid food splatter which you can then easily wipe out.


Coffee machine cleaning
In order to clean the inside of your coffee machine all you need to do is run through vinegar instead of water for one cycle. Then, repeat three times using plain water to make sure no vinegar is left over.


Kitchen drain cleaning
Food residue usually accumulates over time in the kitchen drain tubes. You should take immediate action as soon as you notice a slight odor coming from the drain, otherwise you may have to call for a plumber. It is rather simple: pour baking soda in the drain tube, then pour vinegar. These two substances will chemically react, creating bubbles that will remove odours and spurt food particles up in the sink.


Removing salt from boots
Those white stains that appear on your boots during wintertime are actually caused by the salt on the sidewalk. As with any other fabric that bears such stains (e.g. coats, doormats), a simple rag soaked in vinegar will do.

So vinegar is indeed a low cost, effective and all-natural cleaning agent. However, should you need professional stain removal, such as in the case of a valuable carpet, we recommend contacting a carpet cleaning company such as Chem-Dry in order to ensure the best results.

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