Natural Carpet Cleaning for Pets
Care Tips for Extending the Longevity of your Carpet

Natural-Carpet-Cleaning-for-PetsOwning a pet, and keeping a clean and odour-free home is a delicate balance – harsh chemicals can be detrimental to your dog or cat’s lifespan. Choosing the right carpet cleaner involves selecting a solution that works against musty, pungent odours, but is also green carpet cleaning is enough to leave your pet unharmed.

While pets can be trained meticulously, your puppy is likely going to choose a muddy romp over a clean bath any day. Dogs and cats alike bring in smells and dirt particles that can’t always be noticed right away. The easiest way to keep your home smelling fresh, is to focus on the areas that get the most contact with your animals – your floors. Routinely washing hard surfaces is a given, but deep cleaning your carpets is one of the better options you can take. Vacuuming is certainly important, but pet oils and dander can be absorbed within your carpet’s fibres, requiring more serious measures.

Although some chemicals may not affect you, your pets have much more sensitive immune systems, and they can become ill from a much smaller dosage of toxicity. While browsing for options, remembering to go green will help protect your pets. These methods avoid the use of toxic cleaning agents, and keep water use to a minimum.  Professionally cleaning your carpets is the best option. When choosing carpet cleaning services in Toronto, look for options like Chem-Dry. It makes it easy to be eco-friendly to your pets and you can relax knowing that your carpets are clean and healthy for your furry companions.

Trust Chem-Dry for the professional carpet cleaning services you expect, with the sustainable quality that you and your pet require.

Your pet’s safety is immeasurably important – don’t risk their health with harsh cleaning methods. Achieve better quality cleaning, with a safer outcome for you and your family.