Don’t Wait Till Spring… Work Your Winter Cleaning Magic Now
Don’t Wait Till Spring…Work Your Winter Cleaning Magic Now

Toronto-Carpet-CleaningWhen you live in Canada, you never have to wonder how the term ‘spring cleaning’ became so popular. It is almost impossible to clean during the cold, harsh and surprisingly enduring winter months. Due to this, many people decide to wait until the sun comes out before they begin to clean their homes. Although this may work for you, it surely does not work for your carpets. Below, you will see why your carpets should be regularly cleaned by a Toronto carpet cleaning professional.

Elimination of Allergens: Each day, your carpet absorbs thousands of new allergens. These allergens can cause those who suffer from allergy issues to experience harsh side effects during the spring months. After receiving a professional carpet cleaning, the harmful allergens that once lived in your carpets will be removed and you will be rewarded with an allergen free home.

Removal of Bacteria and Viruses: In addition to the possibility of bacteria living in your carpet and furniture, there is a high chance that germs and viruses can live in there too. While it is recommended that you have your furniture professionally cleaned every 18-24 months, you can also maintain your furniture between those cleanings by vacuuming it regularly and protecting it against spills and stains. 

Elimination of Grime and Salt: If there is snow in your area, the possibility of grime and salt being built-up in your carpet’s fibres is very high. The extreme build-up often results in unwanted stains and blemishes that end up leaving your carpet looking very old and worn out. The more worn out your carpet is, the shorter its lifespan will be.

The trick to winter cleaning is not to let dark winter days get you down. Try to stay neat and efficient so that by the time spring rolls around, you will be outside soaking in the sunshine instead of scrubbing away at the stains in your carpets!

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