Get A Fresh, Just Like New, Clean Carpet for the New School Year
Get A Fresh, Just Like New, Clean Carpet for the New School Year

Get A Fresh, Just Like New, Clean Carpet for the New School Year

September is coming, summer is going, and you can expect your kids back in school within the week. A new school year means there are less people bustling around your home, and more time to yourself. Kick off the new season by sprucing up your home. Create a hygienic, tidy, and inviting environment for your family.

Get A ‘Just Like New’ Carpet

Getting your home cleaned by an experienced carpet professional creates a healthy environment by removing mold, allergens and dust mites that you wouldn’t be able to remove by doing a simple clean yourself. If you spend your time driving kids to the next extracurricular activity or program after work and running errands on a Saturday, this means you don’t have the time to do a thorough clean. Getting a good clean means moving your sofa, bed, coffee table, tv or stand to get where your vacuum can’t reach. Our staff are also trained to use products that prevent future stains from appearing and can help get rid of old ones. This keeps your carpet just like new. Keeping a well-kept home isn’t difficult if you call in the right professionals!

Why A Professional Clean Does More

The best feature about getting your carpets professionally cleaned is the fact that our technicians come with special cleaning products and equipment that can’t be found on the consumer market. Our staff are also educated on various different carpet types, so we can use the most effective cleaning procedure. The heavy suction of our vacuums gets the job done and makes your carpet spotless, so you can feel confident knowing that we use safe and non-toxic carpet cleanings solutions in your home.

Add value to your home by refreshing your carpets. When your carpets are clean, your children are safe from allergens, you get better air quality in your home, you get rid of annoying old stains. Don’t  spend money on getting your old carpet removed and a new one installed, just make your carpet last with professional cleaning. This starts by calling the Toronto Chem-Dry carpet cleaner, All Star Chem Dry. Contact us at 416 916 0550 and get a free quote.