Removing Your Child’s  Artwork from Carpets
Removing Your Child’s Artwork from Carpets

Professional-Carpet-CleaningAny parent can tell you that children (by default) are messy; you can probably imagine the carnage they can cause with art sets. Spills on your brand new white rug can be particularly annoying, but there are simple remedies to remove paint from rugs.

Dried Paint and Colouring: Once paint dries it can be a real hassle. Before even applying any solvents, you have to take a razor blade and carefully chip away at the hard outer covering. Once you have done your best, apply an oil-displacing agent like WD40 on the area of the stain. Let it sit for around 20 minutes before giving it a good solid scrub. Finish off with some cleaning detergent. This procedure also works well on play dough. If you have an older, expensive rug, you’ll want to hire one of our All Star Chem-Dry professionals. The rug may contain exotic colouring which will react with most oil-displacing solutions.

Water based paints: When it comes to a child’s artwork set, this is the most common type of paint you will deal with. Blot up any spills with a clean wet rag; try not to scrub the section because the spill will seep through the rug and spread. Once most of it is absorbed, use any type of detergent and hot water to apply the finishing touches.

Latex Paints: The good thing about latex paint is that it’s so easy to remove. The secret solution is hot water; hot water causes the paint to soften and dissolve. Put some water on the stain and place a hot rag over the spill and leave it on the spot for about 10 minutes. Then take a fresh rag and keep blotting the section while periodically adding hot water.

Even the most well behaved children are messy by nature, but our experts are here to help. The best way to remove any stains is by giving Natural Carpet Care, the best Toronto carpet cleaning professionals, a call and having one of our experts take care of it. Contact us today for a free quote today at 416-916-0550 and get rid of those pesky stains!